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Plus, be sure to check out our ARTICLES, CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT FORUM,
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We wrote the book on troubled kids. And, we teach the class.

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You've found the internet's largest source of solutions to
turnaround troubled youth and children. If your training prepared
you to work with Beaver Cleaver, but you work with Beavis and
Butthead, our resources and professional development workshops are
the solutions you need.
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staff development workshops- classroom management
We've got it all: from books to instant printable ebooks that you
can own in just 60 seconds; troubled youth- from startling
behavior change posters to attention-grabbing lesson plans that can
transform teacher classroom behavior management problems. Plus we
have must-see, powerful behavior change handouts, and
problem-stopping, live and recorded counselor and teacher
professional development workshops with college credit and clock
hours. Our inservice training workshop can come to your school,
agency or conference, or become an easy, effective fund
raiser...but that's still just a fraction of the solutions we
help at risk students
Our site is huge. If you have time, there are dozens of pages
packed with solutions. But, if you need immediate answers ebooks
for teachers- right now, this site is geared to meet your
needs in just seconds. For the fastest help, check out our Instant
Printable eBooks that deliver ready-to-use, problem-stopping
answers that can rapidly improve teacher classroom or group
management behavior problems. You can actually own these speedy
problem-solvers in a lightening-fast 60 seconds. If you need
solutions right now, click here to view our huge collection of
printable ebooks that are designed to transform even the most
defiant, difficult, non-compliant or discouraged student in your
group or classroom.
Our interventions are so good, we want you to test them in your
classroom or office, so be sure to order our FREE Lesson Samples &
FREE bi-monthly Problem-Kid Problem-Solver Internet Magazine (click
here to order.)
We've amassed the best answers that exist for nearly any "kid
problem." We have attention-grabbing solutions to stop or manage
youth violence, school failure, truancy, dropping out, classroom
management problems, work refusal, family problems, poor
motivation, conduct disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, oppositional
defiance, Aspergers, apathy, bad attitudes, attachment disorder,
ADHD, depression, disrespect, withdrawal, peer conflict,
misbehavior, anger control problems, delinquency, severe emotional
problems, independent living, and even "girl's problems" like teen
pregnancy. It's information that no contemporary teacher,
counselor, special educator, social worker, principal, teacher's
aide or youth professional can safely be without.

counselor seminars-
classroom management books NEED HELP? JUST ASK! Click here to call us
toll-free or
professional development inservice-
class management help- THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS
Q: The kids in my classroom have so many problems. Where do I
A: First, if you are a teacher, make a list of all the problems you
see in your classroom. Counselors, list the problems that show up
at your office. Include concerns like attendance, punctuality,
attitude, school failure, and classroom management problems.
(Continued below-- click here)
at risk- at risk-
You can include family problems, bad behavior, boredom, work
refusal, defiance and truancy. Don't forget to consider problems
you may have gotten used to, or difficulties that you may have come
to believe are never really going to change for the better.
We can help even with "impossible" problems, so do remember to
consider adding to your list serious concerns like disruption,
discipline problems, fearful children, EBD (emotionally
behaviorally disturbed), SED (severely emotionally disturbed), kids
in pain, neglect, loss, peer conflict, hyperactivity, hostility,
juvenile delinquency, mental health/coping problems, social issues,
fighting, or any area that is difficult to manage. Next, prioritize
those problems. For a teacher, for example, issues such as
successful classroom management, student attendance or conflict
resolution might be key. A non-teacher, such as a counselor, social
worker or psychologist might focus on the child's trauma or fear.
You select your key concerns that make it difficult for you to
accomplish your particular mission with the child.
Limit your focus to the top 3 to 6 issues then begin to remedy
those motivation resources- concerns first. You will
probably want to go to many pages throughout our site as many of
our pages will have your solutions. For example, if you are a
teacher concerned about student motivation, you could proceed to
our Maximum-Strength Motivation-Maker book or instead read ebook
(click for details), or you might instead head to our Books
Resource Area to purchase one of our other books on transforming
apathetic, unmotivated students into motivated ones.
Temper, aggression, violence and anger problems are also covered in
our Books Area but there is key information many other places, for
example, at our Must-Have Violence Prevention Tools Area. Be sure
not to miss our Temper and Tantrum Tamers book (shown below) if you
want immediate solutions for anger and aggression. You will find
that single problem areas show up on many different pages so be
sure not to miss any part of our huge site.
Our live and distance inservice training workshops
are your most comprehensive source of help. Plus, youth
professionals can call for expert help with about any coping,
school or social problem facing a child or teen: 1-800-545-5736, or
just click here for Live Expert Help. We can help with both your
boys and girls, and all different ages, K-12 elementary, secondary,
high school grades, plus Job Corps' and independent living
programs' older adolescents and young adults. We have the lesson
plans, curriculum, staff professional development training, and
on-site inservice workshops that you need so working with difficult
students doesn't have to be so difficult.
school products- youth temper book- teacher resource
posters- classroom management-

youth worker help social worker child therapist

violent teens-

Book details Poster details

classroom behavior-
delinquents NEED HELP? JUST ASK! Click here to call us toll-free or
professional development-
classroom management tips- WE HAVE MANY MORE INTERVENTIONS
This site is designed for and by youth professionals. It's packed
with creative strategies for all types of student behavioral,
social and emotional problems. There are thousands of resources for
virtually any problem area.
(Continued below-- click here)
high school- professional-
The strategies on our site are designed to be more effective,
targeted tools for youth professionals. These interventions are
perfect for K-12 teachers; special educators; social workers;
psychologists; MFTs; counselors; mental health staff; GED teachers;
day and residential treatment therapists; juvenile court staff; and
independent living workers.
Our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth
(DVD workshop shown below), and problem-stopping books are our most
comprehensive resources. They are perfect for any youth worker who
works with difficult or problem youth and children. If you need
more than just a sampling of our attention-grabbing methods for
students who struggle, you'll want to get some of these resources
for your classroom or group room. You'll find lots of free aid
throughout the site, including our free Problem-Kid Problem-Solver
internet magazine, Live Expert Help, and massive Solution Center
that is packed with hundreds of strategies. If you want thorough
help, remember to check out our live and recorded professional
development workshops for teachers and counselors; on-site
workshops; emotional keynotes; and lively breakout presentations
for conferences; along with our books; 60 second printable ebooks;
and dramatically different student behavior change posters.

college credit- distance learning class-

CEUs principal principals

DVD workshop details

classroom behavior-
Aspergers NEED HELP? JUST ASK! Click here to call us toll-free or

cyber bullying-
Q: For multi-problem kids, are there key problem areas that I should
address first or as soon as possible?
A: Here are the top two areas. The first area that we always recommend
you consider is safety, but not just for acting out, conduct
disordered, oppositional, defiant, angry, violent, impulsive
(Continued below-- click here)
angry students- teaching-

Remember to notice all your classroom management concerns, and your
entire group of students. Consider safety issues for less noticeable
populations even though you may view these youngsters as your "good" or
quiet ones. There are plenty of other students who are often typically
overlooked, such as depressed, withdrawn, abused, neglected, thought
disordered, and anxious students. Children in crisis, socially
maladjusted, and alcoholic and addicted kids also often are missed. You
must be especially careful to closely monitor the safety issues faced
by students who may be quietly gesturing or suicidal. Carefully watch
pregnant girls, teen parents, and those adolescents and children who
have severe emotional or family problems. This guideline holds true for
teachers, sped teachers, principals, court workers, justice workers,
foster parents, and case managers. You don't have to be trained as a
social worker, counselor, psychologist or mental health worker to incur
an obligation to keep all kids safe. All youth workers have that
obligation, regardless of their training, job title, or the mission of
their site.

The second problem area that we recommend you consider addressing as
soon as possible is attendance and punctuality. Why? If you are the
best teacher, counselor or special educator-- whatever your job-- it
doesn't matter how talented and effective you are if that student isn't
in your classroom or office. The time to start teaching attendance and
punctuality is Day 1, Week 1 of your contact with the child. If a child
is absent, nothing else you do that day really matters for that
student. Our All the Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems Series
(shown below) includes innovative strategies for many of these critical
starting points, plus much more. Order the e-book version (click here)
and download it immediately as a printable e-book. Click here right now
and you will read and print our best solutions in just about 60
seconds. Or get this item as a paperback book. Click for details. If
you are a youth professional, these new tools can truly help turnaround
even the most out-of-control, unmanageable classroom or group, and end
even serious classroom management nightmares.

posters for school- - motivate students-

Book details

special educator NEED HELP? JUST ASK! Click here to call us toll-free

instant ebook- electronic books behavior- books-
books for counselors

temper tantrum- teacher books-

Temper & Tantrum Tamers Last Chance School Success Guide

The solutions you've been searching for. $15 each.
Click here or call 1-800-545-5736 to order. Click on book for details.

teacher professional development

We're here to help youth professionals help youth.
Call toll-free *1-800-545-5736 or
*Youth professionals ONLY. (Not a youth professional? Click here.)

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